Elevate your manufacturing projects with MITI, your trusted partner in contract manufacturing. Backed by a wealth of experience in machine finishing casted parts, precision billet machining, and expertly crafted urethane moldings, we are your go-to source for turning concepts into reality. What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to excellence, exemplified by our prestigious AS9100 certification. This endorsement means we operate at the pinnacle of industry standards, ensuring that every product we create meets the most demanding aerospace specifications.

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In addition to our stellar contract manufacturing capabilities, we go the extra mile by offering a comprehensive suite of finishing services. From precise polishing to tailored heat treatments, meticulous anodizing, and plating, we're equipped to add those crucial final touches to your products. Our range of services and network of vetted service providers ensures that your project receives the highest standard of finishing, resulting in a polished, durable, and aesthetically impressive end product. Elevate your manufacturing experience with our full-service solutions at MITI.

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First Article Inspection & Qualification

With unwavering precision and advanced technology, our equipment is suited for first article inspections and part qualification processes. Our state-of-the art CMM inspection arm allows us to meticulously scrutinize intricate geometries leaving no margin for error. We have additional experience in basic non-destructive tests such as penetrant and pressure testing. Elevate your manufacturing with our reliable, high-accuracy solutions, providing you with the confidence and assurance needed to deliver components of the highest caliber.

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Minnesota Industrial Tooling is committed to providing high-quality, high-tolerance tooling and machining services. We maintain our dedication to customer satisfaction through understanding our customers' needs, achieving their requirements, and fulfilling on-time deliveries. Let us help you with your next tooling or machining project.