Minnesota Industrial Tooling is, "QUALITY"

Minnesota Industrial Toolings' Quality System is AS9100D(2016) certified.

Minnesota Industrial Tooling Inc. is committed to delivering high-quality, high-tolerance Aerospace Machined parts on-time and on-spec. We consistently deliver customer satisfaction through:

  1. Continuously improving and investing in our processes, products, and people

  2. Establishing a culture of excellence, attention to detail, and operational rigor

  3. Relentlessly supporting our customers to ensure they receive results and not just products

Scope of the Organization

Minnesota Industrial Tooling Inc. has based its business model and strategic plan by being a provider of high-quality, high tolerance Aerospace Machined parts. Providing proto-type and machined components for the Defense and Aerospace markets. Providing all interested parties internally and externally a quality product that meets or exceeds the established requirements set forth by customers, suppliers, regulatory, statutory and special requirements as needed.

Minnesota Industrial Tooling, Inc. is a provider of metal precision machined parts and casting for the Defense, Space and Aerospace industries.

** Excludes Design within Scope Parameters **

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