Technical Methods, Inc. is committed to high-quality, high-tolerance Aerospace Machined parts, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction by;

  1. RIGHT of ACCESS - Suppliers and their sub-tier suppliers, are to provide access to their Facilities and Quality Records by Technical Methods, Inc., our customers and/or Regulatory Authorities, for the purposes of verifying progress on, and the status of, any work being performed against associated Purchase Orders.
  2. DRAWINGS & SPECIFICATIONS - Applicable issues (revision levels) of all Drawings, Standards and/or Specifications provided by Technical Methods, Inc. to the supplier for the performance of this Purchase Order are to be returned to Technical Methods, Inc. at the completion of this order. The supplier is responsible for providing these documents to their sub-tier suppliers as applicable to the performance of this order.
  3. MATERIAL PROVIDED BY Technical Methods, Inc.- Material traceability requires that all scrap parts and excess material be returned to Technical Methods, Inc. at the completion of this order.
  4. RECORD RETENTION - Unless otherwise specified, Suppliers and their sub-tier suppliers will retain on file all data relative to the manufacture or processing of this purchase order for a period of not less than thirty (30) years after final shipment, and records will be available to Technical Methods, Inc. personnel, our customers and/or Regulatory Authorities.
  5. NON-CONFORMING MATERIAL - Material with a non-conformance that cannot be reworked into a conforming condition must be documented and submitted for review and disposition by Technical Methods, Inc. and/or its customers Material Review Board. Suppliers shall not ship non-conforming material without receipt and completion of Technical Methods, Inc. and/or its customers MRB disposition unless authorized in writing by MRB or Quality.
  6. NON-CONFORMING PRODUCT - Suppliers shall immediately notify Technical Methods, Inc. when it is suspected or known that non-conformances exist or have been delivered. This notification is to be followed by a letter providing all detailed information concerning shipped product, the cause of the non-conformance, and the appropriate corrective action taken to preclude recurrence.
  7. CORRECTIVE ACTION REQUEST - Responses to requests for corrective action must be received within the time noted on the request. Failure to provide corrective action responses in a timely manner will result in reduction of supplier approval status. Continued failure will result in the removal as an approved supplier.
  8. MATERIAL HEAT LOT CONTROL- All same sized materials or components used to fulfill the requirements of this Purchase Order must maintain heat number traceability and therefore must not be combined. Co-mingling of same size material of different heat lots is NOT allowed.
  9. FOREIGN OBJECT DAMAGE (FOD) PREVENTION – Suppliers shall establish and maintain an effective Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Prevention Program (ref: MIL-STD-980 or similar) or deburring process of product. The program shall be proportional to the sensitivity of the design and application of the purchased product as well as the FOD/or remnants of material or product generated during the manufacturing process.
  10. COMPETENCE OF EQUIPMENT AND PERSONNEL- Supplier will verify that they have the equipment, tooling, personnel, capacity and capability to fulfill the requirements of purchased orders assigned to supplier. In the event that supplier cannot verify the requirements of equipment, tooling, personnel, capacity and capability supplier must notify Technical Methods, Inc. within 24 hours after receipt of purchase order.
  11. CHANGE ORDER- Technical Methods, Inc. (Buyer) may at any time initiate changes by issuing to the seller a written Change Order, that alters, adds to, or deducts from the goods or services of the original purchase order. Any such changes are subject to the Terms of this order and Seller agrees to promptly comply with the terms of any Change Order.
  12. FLOWDOWN REQUJIREMENTS- Suppliers are required to flow down to sub-tier suppliers all applicable requirements in the purchasing documents, including key characteristics where required
  13. PAYMENT TERMS- Technical Methods, Inc. purchase orders will establish the payment terms for the specified purchase. In the event supplier fails to meet the agreed upon terms as outlined within the specified purchase order the supplier will be notified of failure of terms and a payment arrangement will be entered into between Technical Methods, Inc. and supplier.
  14. SUPPLIERS CONTRIBUTION TO PRODUCT CONFORMITY- Supplier shall perform task as defined within Technical Methods, Inc. purchase orders and special instructions as required. Supplier is responsibly for maintaining the agreed to time schedule and requirements set forth in the purchase order.
  15. PRODUCT SAFETY- Supplier will process and handle product as defined in technical and purchase order requirements.
  16. ETHICAL BEHAVIOR- Supplier is required to conduct business in proper ethical behavior and accordingly to best business practices.
  17. PREVENTION OF COUNTERFEIT PARTS- Supplier shall plan, implement, and control processes, appropriate to Technical Methods, Inc. and the product, for the prevention of counterfeit or suspect counterfeit part use and their inclusion in product deliver to Technical Methods, Inc.

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